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Huddle Park

Aerial map of the Edenvale/Linksfield/Orange Grove area:

Free State Projects supports the environmental health of its members where it can and preventing a large park from being turned into flats, houses and shopping centres will help the environmental health of several members indeed. Daryl Fuchs is a nearby resident to this park so in line with “dealing with your own local problems first” he has been stridently involved with the fight to keep the park a park. Evidence of irregularity in the deal to sell the park has only spurred him on. While the new lessee of part of the park that Mr Fuchs helped out extensively has been investing huge amounts of money into turning most of that part into a mixed use, family friendly sports and recreation facility, the contested portion remains fallow; its use to the community restricted to being a place to walk. The


Please find out more about the need and the civic effort to save the park by going to the facebook group “Save Huddle Park” which you can reach by clicking on the image above.

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