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An Organisation of the Imagination

                    Welcome to the homepage of the Free State Projects.

                     Here you will find out about an ambitious plan to bring

                    citizen fuelled development to various areas in Southern


The Free State Projects are a suite of community development and upliftment projects that will, with your help, enable participating citizens to take hold of their lives and further their own development. Areas to be addressed include:

  • poverty alleviation / job creation

  • agricultural and food supply production & logistics

  • health care

  • child care

  • skills development

  • social development

We are committed to the purpose of bringing about these and other positive developments for the benefit of our members and for surrounding communities.


Please look around the site to get an idea of what Free State Projects is about and what we want to do. With anything mentioned on this site you are welcome to contact us if you want to find out more or help out with it.

Website migration almost complete (again)

26th December 2017

We’ve been working hard on the digital front to bring a new format website to you. This website will allow contributors from all our participating projects to add stories of what they are doing, display available resources more effectively, create a marketplace, provide planning and management tools and more. As of today the data from the old site has been migrated and the new site can develop from here. This has now been done for a second time... crowdfunding appeal completed!

16th March 2015

Thank-you to everyone who donated, we really appreciate it. While we only raised 10% of the target amount we are using the funds towards R&D as promised. You can also still contribute directly by going to the bottom of our contribute page. Many thanks!

Loss of our wiki system

16th March 2015

It is with great sorrow we must acknowledge the loss of our wiki system. It crashed/was hacked with the loss of all data. While not much had been added to the system what was there was potent, especially the “Life is a Celebration” and “Magick” poems which were very warmly received. To everyone who contributed, thank-you.

Incorporation as a Co-operative

16th March 2015

Free State Projects is a fully registered & limited by guarantee co-operative, having the short name of Free State Projects Co-op. Ltd. A co-operative ensures equal business ownership and participation for all its members. Our RSA co-operative registration number is 2008/000438/24.


Please view our constitution which is available for download here. Clauses 5, 6 and 10 are the most important for finding out the values of this business and are also available as individual downloads if you click on their number. Our by-laws are also available for download. If you would like to read the law under which co-operatives are registered under in South Africa and other general information on co-operatives you may browse that information here (currently offline).

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